Erinshire’s The One And The Only

new puppy

Catie and n=her new born puppy ….sired by our Eliott June 16. 2017…name pending



Shannon Lauren

Whelped June 16, 2017

Shannon is a “singleton puppy” meaning she was the only puppy born to the mating of  Eliott and Catie.

Being a single puppy brings a lot more work than you would think, she has no playmates,  learning in the pack of puppies is very important to social behavior and development of temperament to a puppy.  So we provide lots of play interaction and socialize her with the adult dogs, as soon as she is ready.  She will be very spoiled, but we can’t help ourselves.

Shannon at 7 weeks

Shannon has her father Eliott’s soft expression and dark coat, she is a big girl, unlike her mother who has very refined features, but that could all change as she matures through the next year.  She has a wonderful attitude and takes to new situations well and loves to pester the big dogs, she thinks she is the centre of the world.


Shannon 12days

Shannon and Catie….mother and daughter
















4 Months old and learning to stack and stand still  

Shannon 6 months , Catie to the left 3.5 yrs. Scarlett Catie’s mother at 6.5          3 Generations of Erinshire girls

















7 months and a good girl