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  1. I recently put down Baron, my 16 year old Irish Setter. They are a wonderful breed and now I’m looking to replace him. I’m not planning to show or hunt.

  2. It was so nice speaking with you Brenda you are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate all the advice you were willing to give to me on my current gun dog Sam. I truly look forward to speaking with you again and hope that we can find a great match for the upcoming hunting season. Thanks again!

  3. We were so happy with our Erinshire experience. Brenda’s knowledge of Irish Setters and the care she takes with the puppies is evident. We have been thrilled to welcome “Gracie” into our home. The transition to her new home in Toronto was as smooth as possible thanks to Brenda’s guidance. Gracie has settled in well – she is beautiful, full of life, loves the snow and loves cuddles.

  4. I’ve had 2 Irish Setters. I wanted another one and did extensive research on the Irish Setter breeders in New England. I was very impressed with the amount of information on the Erinshire Irish Setters available on this site, the pictures and stories. It is evident how dedicated Brenda and Lee are to the Irish Setter breed. They are committed to raising and breeding healthy, happy Setters and ensuring the puppies go to good homes. We were fortunate enough to get one of Erinshire’s Setters and are thrilled and excited we have “Tessie” in our family. Thank You Brenda and Lee!

  5. I want to thanks Brenda and her husband Lee for allowing my family to be part of the Erinshire Irish Setter family,My experience with Brenda and Lee was the best I could have asked for.From the start with e-mail to filling out questionare and conversation then finally face to face meet with my Shannon.After all said and done Brenda has the best practices to make sure here Irish Setters will be going to the best home,Very impressed and took all my doubts away when looking for a Irish Setter.Brenda and Lee opened there home to my son and myself when we went up to visit the Kennel.Brenda was so helpful with her knowledge about the Irish Setter breed.I do know if I ever am aloud to get another Irish Setter I will be reaching out to my friends Brenda And Lee!Thanks for all you have done and brought great joy to my family and myself.

  6. Brenda, what a true pleasure it has been working with you. Redmond is just settling in and is beautiful and precocious. I’ve been moved by your care for the liitter, the dam, the sure and the well being of the breed.

  7. been trying to rescue another Irish setter for a year since Marli passed away, i live in central vermont and am interested in a puppy if you dont have a long waiting list. Love your dogs.

  8. Hello, your Irish are beautiful and tug on my heart strings. I’ve owned 6 Irish Setters (all McDerry)and showed three of them in obedience. That was many moons ago, but I still think Irish Setters are amazing. Perhaps one day I will be blessed enough to own another, but until then I thank you for the enjoyment of living vicariously through your website.

  9. thank you Gael, actually your Paddy is a litter sister to Scarlett …..Eliott and Scarlett are the 2 puppies I kept from that first breeding, how is your girl? send some pix and I will post on the website…

  10. Brenda,
    So sad to read that Scarlet passed away. My Paddy was one
    Of her 2010 litter. She produced a dear who has gotten me through a lot of life’ s trials.
    Wishing you and your family (congratulations on your new grandchild.
    Gael Stapleton

  11. Brenda Thank you for the most enjoyable conversation. catching me up on OLD & NEW times look forward to more. I hope you can get me going in the right places for a spade Irish Setter bitch 3 or 4 years old for adoption or rehome. once thank you Thank You ! Kenneth Barnes 203-260-4647 PS RETIRE WITHOUT an Irish Setter owning you is not retirement!!

  12. I had an Ch Ashland Celebration son
    Who passed many years ago
    Miss him forever
    Your Irish are as close as I have seen
    When I have room for another dog
    I will contact you. Love taking an older male. Best always. Put a cdx on boy Arlis. And got a PADWAD. Showed hI’m at a,specialty and won a huge novice class

  13. Hello!
    I’m sorry, but I have searched through all the tabs and I cant seem to locate the “puppy application.” Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

  14. My “cyberfriend” Shayne just told me about you today and I am THRILLED to learn that you’re so closeby and love the reds as much as I do. My husband and I have had setters since 1968, often more than one at a time, and we love them so. We never had kids, so our dogs have been our precious children. Presently we have Neely, who is 8, and came from Clannrua Kennels in Ireland, and Liffey, who is 4, and came from County Kerry. They were selected for us by a dear friend who lived in Ireland and I thought we’d be getting our dogs from her forever, but she died in November. I’m so glad to know of you and your pups…future reference. You can check out our girls on Facebook if you like.

  15. Love looking at the beautiful red heads! Have had 4 of my own in the past, lost my last one in 2014. I’m ready for another baby and anxiously awaiting another basket full of babies!

  16. Lovely website – beautiful setters! The pictures of your litters have given us both a bad case of puppy fever, too. Is there anything better than a basket full of Irish Setters?

  17. We lost our beautiful Scarlett on May 11th at the age of 14 years, 1 month. She was my heart dog. I was so privileged to be her mom! She came to us as a rescue at the age of 15 months. She was our third Irish. I would so love to bring another sweet girl into our home. It did my heart good to view your beautiful site and to see the photos of your beautiful Irish!

  18. Hi.

    As a former Irish owner, I’m looking forward to 2018 when I graduate from college and have the time for a puppy. My setter was the best dog I have ever had. I love your web site and will be checking back to see updates on your breeding schedule.

  19. Hi, we have been looking at your website and would love to come up and meet you are your dogs. We are interested in setters and live in the Lakes Region. About an hour from you ?
    Thank you, Marcia

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