Blazing Sean O’Boy of Erinshire

Welped: June 19th, 1994……Rainbow Bridge December 6, 2002


Sean came to us in September of 1994, from a small kennel in New Hampshire.  Hew was the smallest of the males in the litter but we were just looking for a pet.  He was Lee’s introduction to Irish Setters.  A constant companion to us, he made the move from New Hampshire to Rhode Island in September 1995 and loved the beaches………Sean was not a show dog, and at that time we were not involved in showing any dogs.  He was the smartest of all the Irish Setters, and a very calm and sweet temperament.  He took a long time to mature, a puppy forever.  He enjoyed Thanksgiving  and Christmas because of the turkey dinners…… were his favorite holidays…..

We purchased Shamus in 1994 and they spent 8 happy years together before losing him to cancer.

1994 New Hampshire Sean was Lee's first Irish Setter, and a wonderful companion to both of us. He made the move to Rhode Island and was with us until December 2003. We had purchased Shamus in 2001 and they boys were great company for each other.

Sean at 12 weeks……New Hampshire September, 1994