Erinshire’s Always And Forever
 Sire: “Robert” BIS BISS Am. & Can. GCh. Capitva’s Turning Heads, CGN
Dam: “Scarlett” Am Ch Erinshire’s Forever Stars Will Shine
Whelped: May 26, 2014
Eye cert & hips info…pending


Achievements: Catie has been shown in the puppy classes, and is now waiting to mature. We don’t push our puppies to finish while they are so young……we prefer to let them enjoy being a puppy, work in the field, and when they are ready, it gets serious. Catie, shows alot of promise, she is very much her mother, in attitude and temperament. Catie is not a really big girl, “dainty” in her features, refined and “girly” a nice match for our future breeding. She loves to be outdoors, and can keep up with the boys in the field, even her brother Connor, with his huge gait……she has a lovely head  and a very dark coat. Breeding plans for her in 2017, when she is three.

Katie at 9 months ….love the snow…..

                        Photo of Catie and Brenda showing at the Vermont Cluster shows in July 2016, just turned 2yrs. and back to the show ring, and showing off, loves the ring and easy to show, unlike her mother.

June 2017

new puppy

Catie and  new born puppy a singleton ….sired by our Eliott June 16. 2017. We call her  Shannon Lauren

Catie is the proud mom to a singleton puppy born June 16th by section, the puppy weighed 17.4 oz and not possible to have a natural delivery, so we took her to the North Kingstown Animal Hospital and waited,  she arrived just after l:30 in the afternoon.  When they were both ready everyone came home to rest and welcome the puppy. Catie seems surprised to find this puppy at her side when she woke up from the surgery.  Everyone doing well


January 2108

The Magic Litter

Once again, because the last breeding produced just a single puppy, which we kept, our Shannon, we decided to repeat that breeding of Catie to our Eliott, this time producing 7 puppies, 2 still born and 5 healthy puppies, 2 males and 3 females.  The families who waited for this repeat breeding were thrilled, so were we.


                                                                                     Lovely sleeping puppies!


Puppies waiting for “family visiting day” at 6 to 7 weeks

We want out of the whelping box!!!!!

Crate Training begins at about 7 weeks, everyone look this way……..

Pedigree of “Catie “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
BIS BISS Am Gch Can GChEx Capitva’s Turning Heads, CGN….


 Ch Evergreen Design of Choice  Am Can Ch Evergreen Smoke n Mirrors JH
 Am Can Ch Tullane Thesis By Design
 Am Can Ch Captiva’s Turn Back Time  Am Can Ch Captiva’s Ride With The Wind CGC
 Am. Ch. Captiva Driftwind Fougere Ruby
Am Ch Erinshire’s Forever Stars Will Shine      


 CH. Piperbrook’s Forever A Star  Am. Can. CH. Waterford Show Off
 CH. Connalll Piperbrook Country
 Orchard Farm Lace to Erinshire  Am. Can. CH. Camelot Make N’ A Play for Tealwood
 AM. Can. CH. Orchard Farm Jenna