Captiva’s A Paige of Erinshire

Paige arrived at Erinshire March 24, 2019  from Captiva Irish Setter in Ontario, Canada.  when I went up to Captiva, I had planned on bringing back a different female, I had my pick of 3 females available, and  I thougt the pedigree was more what I was looking for, but thats an other story.  With  mentors like Jill Taylor  that have the knowledge and experience in breeding can be so valuable.  She insisted I consider at least to look at the 2 other females that she was hoping for show homes, so I did.  As soon as Paige was on the grooming table and Jill put her in a stack, I was new this girl had to be mine!  Pedigree on her sires side opens up a whole new line for us.  This goes back to English lines that we would never find here and beautiful show champions 6 generaton in England, her mother is all Captiva, and if you saw I bred to Captiva’s Turning Heads and kept a male, Connor.  So the next generation will be a blend of Erinshire/ Captiva / and European lines.

  She is truly a Canadian girl, loves the snow.

She is very independent and bright.  She plays on her own and can entertain us all day, outgoing, absolutely,  also 

she has that backs down to very little and investigates everything.  I think we may have a  “wild child” !

Here are some early pix of

Paige …Captiva’s Turning of Paige Erinshire